Floor Manager

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Staffing & Scheduling

o   Scheduling of all Servers, Host, Bussers, Runners and Expo shifts to staff for the restaurant and buffet parties.

§  Monitoring all shift changes and managing request offs.

§  Looking ahead in the BEO book to ensure we are prepared for all large parties and private parties.

o   Staying ahead of the curve with staffing.

§  105% Staffing protects us from being short.

§  Being aware of staffing changes that could be on the horizon (School beginning/ending, vacations, etc.) and reacting accordingly.

§  Using the Buzz Table App as a tool to help with staffing and possible changes to scheduling or procedure.

o   Working with the Beverage manager to schedule for the Bar.

·         Training

o   Keeping the new server, host, busser/runner and expo training program up to date.

§  Constant updates to specs, upgrades and testing.

·         Having training books up to date usually 2 times a year with the food changes

·         Beverage changes usually change 2 to 3 times

·         Service standards are updated on an as needed basis

o   New menu and menu upgrade testing

§  Developing new menu or upgrade testing.

·         Testing, answer sheet, deadline, and sign off sheets.

o   Clear communication with other management on where all this information is and what the deadlines are and any consequences.

o   CONSTANT ongoing training.

§  In shift quizzing, in shift conversations and corrections with staff to avoid small service errors turn into habit.

·         Ensuring adherence to the Employee Handbook

o   Keeping up with uniform standards

§  Periodically checking stock on aprons and employee t-shirts.  Ordering as needed.

§  Making sure current employees are keeping up with a clean not torn uniform.  Keeping management in the loop on anyone who is breaking uniform standards regularly.

·         Effective Communication

o   Developing sales reports

§  Utilize the reports to push staff in a curtain direction by posting the information in an easy to read format.

·         Finding information that can be actionable for you and your staff with out being “fed” the information.

§  Along with the reports, develop a plan of attack that the whole management team can participate in to drive in the direction that is desired.

o   Preparing for management meeting

§  Clearly breaking down your department’s needs, wants, issues and strengths to continue to build a strong team.

o   Developing effective employee incentives

§  Building multi-level incentive programs

·         Daily incentives on occasions

·         Month long incentives to drive sales/push product/build teamwork/clean restaurant/increase check average.

§  All incentives should have clear directions to staff and management with clear methods of tracking.

§  MUST follow through on incentives!

§  Taking stock of the pros and cons of the promotion to evaluate its success or failure.

o   Overseeing the reviews and comments that come through social media and posting with a direction (Positive reinforcement or negative to help drive change)

·         Reviews

o   Bi-Yearly reviews for your departments that are written and then reviewed with management, then issued to all employees and file in employee file.

o   30/90-day review for all new employees.

·         Shift running

o   Running day/swing/night shifts.

§  Managing staff, projects, r&m issues, sanitation and the above listed topics.

§  Seeing issues, opportunities and success and reacting to them with a level and clear reaction.

§  Adjusting to what the shift gives.  Dealing with call outs (covering and documenting) or the need to downsize shifts due to weather, special events or last minute parties.